The Band​​​

Give Me Back My Wig

Blustery Blues To Hard-Charing Rock

Featuring Joe Cocker's Drummer, SolCal Hottest Guitarist,
Monster Bass Guitarist And A Stunning Front Lady

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Breaking News

Glen Maiden Co-Founder, Drummer and Manager, has announced the retirement of the band's touring and local live performances, after eighteen years. While the band remains on vacation as such, there still a chance that the band may perform live again should the opportunity arise.

There always remains a chance the band could every well still perform live for a private party or perhaps a reunion show. If you think this is a grand idea. Please go to the website contact page and submit a message to request a Give Me Back My Wig live show.

Meanwhile, the band's music and merchandise will still remain available at

We like to thank our loyal fans and friends we have made along the way. Even though the band has taken a break each band member remains on good terms working together on other projects such as and other recording sessions. We encourage you to reach out to these projects and enjoy the same and wonderful quality musicianship you learn to experience from Give Me Back My Wig.

The Wig Band

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